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     "...In old and distand France kings and queens, dukes and duchesses in search of calm, comfort and rest left to their country residences where ravishing silence and decor reigned and set to the most pleasant recreation.
      Initially Versailles (in Russian transcription Versal) was just a hunting house, a place for solitude from society bustle, but it amazed imagination of guests to such a degree that in course of time it became a palace for French kings. A hunting house in a small village turned into Versailles Palace and then into magnificent royal palace..."

     Versal Hotel in Kherson, situated in a quiet area in the central part of the town, reconstructs the atmosphere of royal luxury far away from France.

      We tried to make our level best to create comfortable and convenient decor in all the rooms and every hotel room design is unique and fascinating in its own way. Hotel rooms are made in different colors. Canopies, valuable textiles and every possible elegant details not only dip you into atmosphere of comfort they evoke feeling of kings' greatness in you.

     Restaurant of Versal hotel will astonish your imagination with diversity of courses, and our chief cook will satisfy even the most exquisite tastes of real gourmets.

     We retained the true assignment of Versal so if you wish you can go hunting or fishing; there is a place for rest and barbecu in the yard, and if you like we will settle a picnic or a trip along Dnepr River by yacht.
      Billiard, free parking, room servicing and many other options all is made for you!

Rest like kings! It is so easy with us!

Restaurant, bar, cuisine

A meal in the restaurant not only satisfies - you will receive truly royal delight...

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Hotel rooms

Plunge into the atmosphere of home comfort and cosiness in de-luxe hotel suites ...

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Services for guests

We have all the necessary conditions for comfortable rest. You can spend a good time in our hotel and...

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Russian version

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Evening comes upon Versailles palace,
Gold of lights runs on parquet.
King's residence burns candles,
And light music sounds calm.

Versailles Hotel
Krimskaya Str, 93,
Kherson, Ukraine, 73013
tel.: +38 (067) 552-17-00
тел.: +38 (050) 286-82-88
tel.: +38 (0552) 51-89-41
fax: +38 (0552) 51-74-20