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Guests from Estonia

Mary & John

David from England

Pako & Rosso from Spain

Pako & Rosso - translation

Guests from Israel

V.Danilets & Moiseyenko

Rafa & Ofe from Spain - translation

Rafa & Ofe from Spain

Distinguished person of arts of Ukraine S.Petelko. Artistic director, Director of youth theater S.Moiseyev.

Monsanto team

Maxim from Kiev

David & Svetlana Li from Israel

Nil Kate Moor, Alabama, USA

Family of Melani & Stoker

Hezer & Niki Morris, Alabama, USA

Russian version

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Evening comes upon Versailles palace,
Gold of lights runs on parquet.
King's residence burns candles,
And light music sounds calm.

Versailles Hotel
Krimskaya Str, 93,
Kherson, Ukraine, 73013
tel.: +38 (067) 552-17-00
тел.: +38 (050) 286-82-88
tel.: +38 (0552) 51-89-41
fax: +38 (0552) 51-74-20