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     Restaurant decor of Versal Hotel strikes fancy with designer elaborations. Illuminated floor, graceful, as if weightless furniture, large aquarium with exotic fish charm and enchants our guests.

     You will not only satisfy yourself with restaurant meal but receive truly royal delight as well.


     Specialties of the house from our chief cook will relish everybody who will taste them.

     And it is not important what cuisine follower you are here you will have tasty breakfast, rich dinner and enjoy splendid supper. And if you order a banquet, you will recall our restaurant many times in future.

     Wealthy experience of our head cook is security of your pleasure!


The best drinks of the world will set you before a complex choice in our bar.

Our restaurant and a bar work for you all day round!

Russian version

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Evening comes upon Versailles palace,
Gold of lights runs on parquet.
King's residence burns candles,
And light music sounds calm.

Versailles Hotel
Krimskaya Str, 93,
Kherson, Ukraine, 73013
tel.: +38 (067) 552-17-00
тел.: +38 (050) 286-82-88
tel.: +38 (0552) 51-89-41
fax: +38 (0552) 51-74-20